SDK 2.0 Developer Mode

Today, CloudPebble gains a significant new feature for anyone doing SDK 2 development: you can now install and run apps straight from CloudPebble!

To use this feature you must enable developer mode in the Pebble app on your phone; see Pebble’s documentation on “enabling pebble developer connection” for your device (you can ignore the rest of that page).

Once you’ve successfully compiled your SDK 2 project, you can see a box like this:

Installation controls

Installation controls

After entering the phone’s IP, you can click “Install & Run” to immediately install the app to your Pebble:

Installed successfully!

Installed successfully!

From here you can either get back to work or click “View logs” to display the run-time logs:

Running the SDK 2 version of my old Stopwatch…

Running the SDK 2 version of my old Stopwatch…

Logs shown here will include messages from the instant the app was installed on your watch; if you dismiss it and use the “show logs” button from the UI, you will only see logs from the time you clicked the button.

I hope this feature is a significant improvement to your workflow!

14 thoughts on “SDK 2.0 Developer Mode

  1. Brad Tarratt

    “Install & Run” button on my machine (ubuntu 10.04, firefox 20.0) pops up a dialog that advises it “Failed to create socket”. This feature will be most useful for me as I try to debug why no SDK2 apps with config windows work on my phone. If there’s anything you’d like me to try to help debug this, I’d love to help.

    Thanks so much for cloudpebble, it got me up and running on pebble development in no time! Hope you’re enjoying your holidays.

    1. Katharine Berry Post author

      There appears to be a fundamental incompatibility with Mozilla’s security model that prevents this feature from being workable unless I disable https everywhere. Since this would not be an improvement for most people, I can only request that you try using a different web browser. Chrome, Opera and Safari all work correctly in my testing.

      I will update the UI to avoid pretending it works on Firefox.

  2. ace

    Wow! This is so freaking epic!! Thanks a lot for all the work that went into this =)) Just ran through the “hello world” app and psyched to continue programming for the Pebble. Much love and respect. Keep up the great work! =DD

  3. Frank

    This is an excellent addition to cloudpebble. Thanks! It’s almost doubled my throughput and removed most reasons to try to back to a VM (I’m a Windows user). Your effort is appreciated.

    Not to downplay the improvements, but I thought I’d pass along a few wishes for the editor: Search & *Replace*, Highlight all matching phrases when I double click on something (eg. a variable name), Auto-fill the ‘Find’ field based on the phrase the cursor is on. Search options for up/down & case/any-case & search one/all doc’s. Auto-indent based on indent of prior line (Pebble examples indent 2 spaces but Cloudpebble indents based on 4 space tabs… leading to lots of adjustments if you start with an example). I’d also love to have Type-ahead include variable names collected from the current document, but I bet that’s difficult.

    No matter what, thanks for the excellent (and constantly improving) service.

  4. Doug

    once in a while at work I make a few changes to things and want to push them to my pebble. the network topography does not allow me to use the “Install and run” button. is there any way we could get a link to a QR code to do it the old way?


  5. João Dias

    Wow, this is awesome! This makes it so much better thank you very much!

    Now that you can deploy right to your watch, would it possible to add a “Compile and Run” button on the file editor screen itself? Would be very convenient to make a change and immediately be able to run it on your watch without having to go back and forth between the 2 screens.

    Nevertheless, this is great! Thank you so much!

  6. Alex

    Is there a specific port we should open up for the IP install to work. I have tried using the local network IP and the external IP without much luck.

    1. Alex

      Never mind I figured it out. It was the local network IP. Once I enabled the Developer Mode under settings I needed, to go back to the pebble app and turn it on in there as well.

      Thanks for this IDE, it is Awesome!

  7. David

    Does the cloud developer compile for SDK 2.0, and for which BETA version? 5 Just came out, will it compile for that? Yesterday I tried to compile the default app and it closes immediately on the pebble.


  8. Aaron

    I cannot get this to work on my Mac, I get the pop up that says Installing, but nothing happens. It works great on my Windows machine. Any suggestions?

    AirPortExtreme Base Station

  9. dosdemon

    Awesome stuff! Got everything working on the 1st attempt.

    I am on iMac 2008, OSX 10.9.1 + Safari. iPhone 4S (iOS7) on Wifi.

  10. Mathew

    After failing to get Ubuntu running on a VM and on a separate partition (I’m a Windows user – can you tell?) this has been a godsend. I honestly don’t even know why someone trying to build a simple app would do anything except use this tool. Thank you so much for your efforts on this.

    Now how much would I have to donate to get a screen emulator ? ;)

  11. Josh

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for creating this. I’m just starting to play with watch apps, and have never touched or looked at C before, but your web IDE made the workflow so freakin smooth that I was able to update a 1.0 watch app I wanted to use to 2.0 just by fiddling around trial and error.

    I will definitely be continuing to use CloudPebble as I learn more about how to work with this stuff. You’re awesome.


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